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Robust. Orange. Eichinger.

Your forklift truck can do more.


Practical. Thougt out. Safe at work.

Tipping, turning, loading – operated directly from the forklift truck.


Lifiting and tipping of dustbins.

Yes. That’s it.


Systematically. Smart.

Always a tidy yard.


Lift. Tip. Turn. Safety first.

Transporting drums from A to B and storing in compliance with regulation.


One interacts with the other.

Shovels and silo filling silos. From Big Bag to containers.


Tackle. Execute. Finish.

Perfectly organized.


Flighing high. Strong hold.

Extending jibs and load hooks for your forklift truck.


Filling from the top. Unload downwards.

Clean. Logical. Eichinger.


Everything for Your Forklift Truck

FE Florian Eichinger GmbH:

Tipping Skips, Chute and Stacking Skips, Shovels and Transfer Silo, Drum Lifting Equipment, Platforms and Stacking Stillage for Industry and Trade

Florian Eichinger GmbH manufactures in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 guidelines. Our products are certified by the German independent authority TÜV Nord that tested the quality and work safety of our products. Please contact us, we are happy to advise you to find the right solution for you.

Since then Florian Eichinger GmbH has lead the world in the production and development of non-mechanical construction equipment with its brand being associated with quality and innovation worldwide.
The Eichinger product range is easily recognised by its robust construction and rugged quality as well as its trademark “Eichinger Orange”.
The product range covers Crane Attachments, Forklift Attachment and kerb grabs as well as handling solutions for the Industrial market.
FE Eichinger GmbH manufactures to all the Industry Standards and is proud to be ISO 9001 accredited.
Contact us for the total solution to material handling for the Industrial sectors:

+49 9185 9230

You are welcome.